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Ave Maria Economic Ventures of JDPM Oyo attended Digital PayExpo held between June 5 and 7 at Eko Hotel and Suites, Victoria Island Lagos, with the theme; “Innovative Financial services for the vast unserved segments” It was a gathering of colossus think tanks in all spheres of human endeavors involving Communication industries, financial services, Corporate Organization and Private companies. No doubt, it featured Captains of Public and Private Companies in attendance such as Prof Umar Garba Danbatta, Executive Vice Chairman and CEO of the Nigeria Communications Commission, Mr. Segun Oloketuyi, MD, Wema Bank/ Chairman, Payment Systems Committee, Mr.Isaac Ondieki, Regional Managing Director of MicroSave Africa Nairobi, Kenya, Mr. Nish Kotecha, MD, Geosandar, India, a Financial Services Entrepreneur and Venture Capitalist, Mr. Dipo Fatokun, Director, Banking and Payments System, Central Bank of Nigeria, Mr. Jan Nack,  Sales Director, Middle

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The Rural Development Programme (RUDEP) department of Justice,Development and Peace Movement (JDPM), Oyo visited Abogunde community, Ogbomoso in itesiwaju LGA of Oyo state on June 7, 2018. The purpose of the visit was to assess the level of work done after  the Community Needs assessment that was carried out on April 24,2018 where the community and village heads brainstormed and identified their pressing needs which includes:-Road, Water supply, Market, School to mention but a few. It is worth to note that RUDEP gained access to the community through the Parish Priest of Maryland Catholic Church Ogbomoso Rev Fr Philip Onifade  on 29th June,2016  who called the attention of the department to the needs of the community. Since then, RUDEP have been able to achieve

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PHR rounds off Family Stability And Child's Rights Seminar

As part of efforts to maintain stability in marital homes and respect of child’s rights in our society, the Politics and Human Rights (PHR) department of JDPM Oyo, facilitated Family Stability and Child Rights Seminar in selected local government areas of Oyo state. The thrust of the project was to train Primary School Teachers, Executives of Parent/ Teacher’s forum, local volunteers and parents on the rights of children and importance of peace in maintaining stability at homes.The project took place in selected 50 Primary Schools across 10 LGA’S of the three zones in Oyo state. The zones are Oyo with 4 LGA’S namely;- Oyo West, Oyo East, Atiba and Afijio, Ogbomoso with 1 LGA which is Ogbomoso South and Oke –Ogun with 5 LGA’S;- itesiwaju,

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RUDEP takes farmers to National Centre for Agricultural Mechanisation

Group picture of NCAM staff, RUDEP team and Farmers

As part of her efforts to improve the livelihood of rural dwellers particularly farmers, through the improvement of their farming activities, the Rural Development Programmes of JDPM, took farmers on an excursion trip to the National Centre for Agricultural Mechanization (NCAM), Ilorin on March 21, 2018.The idea for the excursion was conceived to bridge the gap between subsistence agriculture as practiced by rural farmers and mechanized farming which is desirable for efficiency and profit maximisation. 

Over the years, rural farmers have seen farm machineries and modern implements as inaccessible items based on cost, complexity in operation and other factors; however NCAM as a state owned centre works to develop machineries and implements that are suitable for the local market especially for small-scale farmers. Notable amongst their works is the partnership between Bespoke design concept that has led to the development and production of

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RUDEP hosts Apex Meeting

RUDEP officers, Farmers and Mr Oyelakin

Apex meeting is the biannual gathering of representatives of the executives of the 32 farmers' groups across the Oyo, Oke-Ogun and Oyo areas of Oyo state, facilitated by RUDEP. The first edition for 2017 was held on June 28 and the last edition held on Wednesday, October 11 at JDPM house. 

The Special guest at the meeting was the State Project Coordinator of FADAMA, for Oyo state, Mr Nathaniel Olayinka. Mr Olayinka was however unavoidably absent and was ably represented by Mr Oyelakin who is the officer in charge of Oyo and Iseyin areas for FADAMA. Mr Nathaniel was invited specifically to sensitise the farmers on the scope, coverage, requirements for eligibility and mode of application for FADAMA project. This was done so that RUDEP farmers could have first-hand information and eventually become beneficiaries of the project.

Mr Olayinka gave a brief introduction of FADAMA where he said it was a World Bank project in partnership with the Federal, State and

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JDPM and IITA Train Youths as Spray Service Providers at Otu

JDPM and IITA Train Youths as Spray Service Providers at Otu

Training session handled by Mr Godwin Atser and Mr John Fakorede

Although herbicides are helpful, safe use and application is paramount for efficacy, and safety of humans, animals and the environment. Consequent upon this CWMP of IITA in partnership with JDPM Oyo, have decided to train youths in select communities as Spray Service Providers (SSP). The training will give them the necessary skills required to function as spray service providers to farmers who want to spray their farms and thus empower them economically. 

The first training was held at Otu on September 14, 2017. The SSPs were trained by qualified professionals from IITA. The training covered every aspect of herbicide use – choice and purchase of herbicide, selection of correct application equipment, use of protective gears (caps, overall long sleeve shirt and trouser, rain boots, nose mask and eye goggles),

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JDPM Oyo in partnership with CWMP of IITA holds Farmers' Field Day

JDPM Oyo in partnership with CWMP of IITA holds Farmers' Field Day

Farmer's Field at Otu

Weeds are among the major constraints to cassava production, and for a cassava farmer to be successful; he/she must control weeds. As a result of this the Cassava Weed Management Project of IITA in partnership with FUNAAB, NRCRI and University of Agriculture Makurdi, have designed an effective way of managing cassava weeds right from land preparation to harvest. JDPM Oyo is in partnership with CMWP to bring this innovation to farmers. In order to bring this innovation to farmers, they have decided to carry out demonstration in select locations. 18 demonstration plots were selected in communities under the coverage of JDPM Oyo. 

In order to showcase these plots to farmers around the demonstration plots, CWMP and JDPM Oyo have been holding Farmer’s Field Day. So far, four field days have been held at Sepeteri (August 29, 2017), Ilero (August 30, 2017), Ago-Amodu (September 13, 2017) and Otu

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FLES Appraisal

FLES Volunteers and RUDEP Officers at JDPM House

FLES volunteerism is a concept designed to sustain the capacity development of farmers in the area of knowledge sharing and skill transfer. Over the past 20 years, RUDEP has trained over 5000 farmers. Some of those farmers have become successful and are ready to train other farmers. In the spirit of sharing to help others, the volunteerism concept was developed to help all stakeholders. Consequent upon this, 13 FLES volunteers were inducted on October 13, 2016 by RUDEP. The volunteers, who are spread across various communities under the coverage of JDPM Oyo, have skills and knowledge in various aspects of agriculture but have adopted an aspect for specialisation.

In order to sustain the efficiency and effectiveness of the FLES concept, RUDEP organised a program, FLES APPRAISAL; to review the activities of the volunteers and also offer additional training to them. The program was also an opportunity to induct 4 new FLES volunteers.

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RUDEP Visits Partners at IITA


On Tuesday September 12, 2017, RUDEP made a visit to IITA to meet with her partners and prospective partners. The visit also availed the new Programme manager of RUDEP, Dr Mathew Ojo; and Mr Olaolu Akogun, a Programme Officer; the opportunity of being introduced formerly to RUDEP partners at IITA. 

At IITA, RUDEP met with the Country coordinator of HarvestPlus, Dr Paul Ilona and the HarvestPlus team. Dr Ilona was glad to receive the team and he commended RUDEP for being a reliable partner. He charged RUDEP to work further to fully biofortify Oyo through the Vitamin A Cassava value chain creation being done. HarvestPlus Country coordinator introduced the various

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RUDEP forms new Farmers' group at Saki

RUDEP officers and the new farmers' group

As one of it's major responsibilities, the RUDEP Department of JDPM Oyo went to Saki on Monday September 11, 2017, to create a Farmers Group. The team of RUDEP officers in the persons of Mr John Fakorede, Mr Nathaniel Ajayi, Mrs Agnes Awowole and Mr Olaolu Akogun, were accompanied by Apex Chairman, Mr Alani Oguntona and Ago-Are zonal chairman Mr Joseph Ojedele. The farmers, 16 in number; waited eargerly and received the team warmly.

RUDEP officer, Mr Nathaniel Ajayi addressing the farmersMr Nathaniel Ajayi of RUDEP, introduced JDPM to the group as the social arm of the Oyo Diocese of the Catholic Church. He went further to tell them about the various departments of JDPM Oyo and their

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IAR&T Team of Scientists visit JDPM Office at Mabolaje Today 19th May,2015. The visit is a follow up on our plan on how to work with IAR&T on research on siam weed herbicide. The two parties agreed to work together on this reasech for the benefit of the resourced poor farmers. Rev. Fr. Gabriel Adeleke, JDPM Coordinator, thanked IAR&T team headed by Prof. Oluwatosin for his coopearation on the agreement.


JDPM opened a new centre for youth training on farming at Ilora.

Since Nigeria discovered oil boom in the 70s, her economy has largely dependent on crude oil with high neglect of agriculture. The country has suffered food crisis due to this neglect. Farming has been the only means of providing the most essential need of human existence which is food. The food production has been in the hand of the old and illiterate people mostly in the villages. The youths has less interest in farming. This has affected the food security of the nation. Justice, Development and Peace Movement (JDPM) of the Catholic Diocese of Oyo has been in the vanguard of youth involvement in agriculture since 2003 when she sends 3 young people to Leventis Foundation school of agriculture, these youths had a 12 month training on farming skill and came back to thier villages to start farming as a full profession. Since then over 60 youths have been assisted by JDPM to acquire free skill in modern farming knowledge and more 30 of those trained are now full farmers in the Oyo state. The need to have an accessible training right in the Diocese led Rev. Fr. Femi Oladiipo to establish a centre called

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