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Catholic Diocese Of Oyo



IAR&T Team of Scientists visit JDPM Office at Mabolaje Today 19th May,2015. The visit is a follow up on our plan on how to work with IAR&T on research on siam weed herbicide. The two parties agreed to work together on this reasech for the benefit of the resourced poor farmers. Rev. Fr. Gabriel Adeleke, JDPM Coordinator, thanked IAR&T team headed by Prof. Oluwatosin for his coopearation on the agreement.


JDPM opened a new centre for youth training on farming at Ilora.

Since Nigeria discovered oil boom in the 70s, her economy has largely dependent on crude oil with high neglect of agriculture. The country has suffered food crisis due to this neglect. Farming has been the only means of providing the most essential need of human existence which is food. The food production has been in the hand of the old and illiterate people mostly in the villages. The youths has less interest in farming. This has affected the food security of the nation. Justice, Development and Peace Movement (JDPM) of the Catholic Diocese of Oyo has been in the vanguard of youth involvement in agriculture since 2003 when she sends 3 young people to Leventis Foundation school of agriculture, these youths had a 12 month training on farming skill and came back to thier villages to start farming as a full profession. Since then over 60 youths have been assisted by JDPM to acquire free skill in modern farming knowledge and more 30 of those trained are now full farmers in the Oyo state. The need to have an accessible training right in the Diocese led Rev. Fr. Femi Oladiipo to establish a centre called

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