RUDEP Presence at the Nutritious Food Fair Lagos, a Good boost for Food Value Chain in Oyo State

Our editorial for this week examines the impact of RUDEP's participation at the Nutritious Food Fair that was recently held in Victoria Island, Lagos, Nigeria between 7 and 9th November 2018. The Nutritious Food Fair (NFF) has grown to become a commercial platform for promoting the production, marketing and consumption of nutritious foods in Nigeria. The food fair which is in its fourth edition has as primary objective to gear political will and markets towards increased production of nutritious foods. This year's event attracts over 10,000 participants from within and outside the country. HarvestPlus improves nutrition and public health by developing and promoting biofortified food crops that are rich in vitamins and minerals and providing global leadership on biofortification evidence and technology within and outside Nigeria and Africa.

The deptís presence at the event shows the relevance of partnership between HarvestPlus Nigeria and its partnering bodies nationwide. As an organization with a good antecedent in sustainable rural and agricultural development in the diocese, we are poised to continue networking with relevant stakeholders in order to make life easier for people. Interestingly, OYSADEP and SAWEC are also present at the event which further reaffirmed the crucial role of RUDEP in revolutionizing holistic agricultural development in the state.

The event also enabled many people to know how actively RUDEP has been in facilitating the availability of biofortified foods ( cassava, sweet potatoes, maize) in particular in Oyo State. it is true the products have been in the market for a while but many people do not know. So, the department has tried all its best by spreading its tentacles beyond in order to improve nutritional food security in Oyo State. The event affords many food processing companies to showcase their biofortified products for more public awareness. RUDEP have been particularly active in promoting the distribution of Vitamin A cassava stems to the farmers and its finished products such as; Yellow Gaari, Yellow Fufu, Castard, Lanpon which is a modified type of the usual Lafun to mention but a few.

We are sure that if nutritional food security is achieved in Nigeria from now, the rate of quality foods in our society will reduce malnutrition, child mortality rate and improve the quality of lives in the society.