Justice, Development & Peace Movement

Catholic Diocese Of Oyo



Civil Coalition for Good Governance [CCGG] today was formerly known as JDPM Interactive Forum [JIF]. Then, the organization [JDPM] usually invited appointed and elected leaders to give account of their stewardship  some responded while others didn’t show up after some time because the public supported their not showing up. It was at that point, JDPM Oyo, re-strategized into educating the public on their rights, civic responsibilities, their needs and what to demand for, from elected/appointed leaders. CCGG, is a mentoring and networking point where different segments of the society [Artisans, teachers, market women, Principals, contractors, youth, “okada” riders], discuss common concern as it pertains to their daily lives.

The CCGG is as a result of the situation of the suffering masses. The people were scattered and found it difficult to understand themselves or their situation. They kept grudging and later resigned to fate and this made their situation deteriorate. This moved the Justice Development and Peace Movement to come to the aid of the people since JDP is about building humanity and protecting lives. JDP brought these people together to discuss issues and proffer solution. Before the emergence of the CCGG, there was Community Development Committee –[CDC] but the group was hijacked by the politicians and that was why the CCGG was formed to understand their situations, challenges and engage elected and appointed leaders in order to pave way for development. And now the people have started regaining consciousness of their dignity and human rights and as they have also realized that their combined opinion can effect changes in government.

It is a submission of individuals to the process of development. The forum is thereby a think-tank group that discusses social, political, economic, cultural and environmental issues on monthly basis. In essence, the forum makes deliberate efforts to influence the government and the people towards promotion of integrated democracy, good governance and rule of law, human rights, human dignity and development.

The process of interaction goes thus:

  •   To accept reality and responsibility towards reinforcing the aspiration for common good, good governance, poverty alleviation and sustainable development.
  •  To put heads together and push the society, deprivation and backwardness through ethics of social contract.
  • To make genuine efforts to maximize individuals knowledge, experience, exposure, intuition and ability to raise peoples standard of living.
  • To step up a sense of justice, equality, solidarity and subsidiarity at the community level.
  • To be a beneficiary as well as a contributor to the structures of cooperative power that promote justice and equity.

Apparently, an invitation to CCGG is a call to corporate social responsibility. It is a call to join other social crusaders to steer methodically towards social justice, peace and sustainable development.

This forum will always lubricate and provide nutrition for the development struggle at the local government and community levels.

The aim of the group is simply to ensure good governance and viable democracy.