Justice, Development & Peace Movement

Catholic Diocese Of Oyo

Politics and Human Rights



The people in Oyo diocese share in the fate of other Nigerians who are subjected to myriads of human abuses ranging from human traficking,sexual abuse,child labour,lack of basic amenities and many others.The most prominent among them is child and women abuses. Although, experience shows that Child abuse is correlated with unemployment and poverty while some of the women abuses are correlated with some cultural practices. As of fact, overall rates of child abuse are higher in regions characterized by a higher proportion of low-income families and in regions with unusually high rates of unemployment like in Oyo/Oke-Ogun district of Oyo State, Nigeria.Pathetically,This situation continues to be exacerbate by bad governance, ineffective judicial system,extrajudicial killings by law enforcement agents and others  All these call for immediate intervention of all stakeholders, government, parents/guardians, teachers, non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and religious bodies. Hence, as a way of contributing its own vital qouta to this stark realities of human abuses JDPM through its Politics and Human Rights finds a way of addressing this abnomalities in our Diocese.



The programme aims at upholding and ensuring  protection of  human rights, good governance as well as peaceful co-existence among the people in Oyo Diocese


  • Organizing civic education programmes for secondary school teachers, students and youths across Oyo Diocese.
  • Election Monitoring.
  • Sensitizing target groups on Human Rights issues.
  • Sensitizing target groups on HIV/AIDS, Abortion, Premarital & Extra marital sex relationships
  • Promoting and educating target groups on the social teachings of the church.
  • Prison Apostolate
  • Resolving conflict through Alternative Dispute Resolutions (ADR)
  • Citizenship Education