Justice, Development & Peace Movement

Catholic Diocese Of Oyo




Oyo/Oke-Ogun district of Oyo State is a guinea savannah region where majority of the people are peasant farmers, petty traders, artisans, teachers, commercial motorcyclists and other petty business. The population of the people in the said area is about 2.1 million. The people in this region have been long neglected by the governments. Generally, the people are poor and lack basic things of life. Long before now, they live a communal life. But individualistic tendency set in at a point. The supportive role of the extended family system is rapidly being eroded.Unfortunatly, the most affect are the women who more often than not are abandoned together with their children to cater for themselves.Hence, The focus of entrepreneurship development program is poverty reduction and well being of the people irrespective of gender, ethnicity, sex or age but with prefrential concerned for women. This entails building the capacity of the active poor to respond favorably to lack of income and lack of production towards sustainable livelihoods. It is a direct war against hunger, low purchasing power, malnutrition, limited access to education, public exclusion, family disharmony, children abandonment, loss of cultural values and the inability to participate in decision making.

The various interventions carried out in terms of training in wealth creation, in a local environment, business management, book keeping, market information and family budget aimed at expanding economic knowledge base of the active poor. Micro credit was also provided for members of groups to start or expand their economic activity..


The mission of EDP is to have a developed and widened production capability of the weak, the poor, the marginalized and the under privileged through skillful training and loan access.



  • Workshops on market promotion and business management
  • Mobilization of groups of poor people
  • Counselling of the needy on businees management
  • Training on small scale business such as kamplala, soap making, sowing e.t.c.


  • To have self employed people in our society
  • To have people with high business management capacity
  • To have people with good capital for profitable business
  • To reduce unemployment in our society


Methods of operation

  • Forming of groups of small scale business women and youths
  • Visit to the premises of the business of the group members
  • Encourage the groups to have saving culture
  • Giving out of loan forms to members that are interested in loan
  • Giving loan to qualified members
  • Training of loam beneficiaries on business management skills
  • Monitoring and evaluation of beneficiaries