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Catholic Diocese Of Oyo

Rural Development Programme


Oyo Diocese is a guinea savannah region where majority of the people are peasant farmers.Even though  Government has a major responsibility of ensuring that there is adequate rural development in their various communities and local governments which would lead to effective and efficient agricultural systems that will not only supply food and animal protein but also foster the utilization of natural resources in a sustainable manner,unfortunately, this continue to be a dream for our farmers. And if the rural farmers lack access to knowledge and information that would help them achieve maximum agricultural yield, they are not only grope in the dark but are driven to the urban centres in search of formal employment, as the only option for survival . Blait (1996) pointed out that the least expensive input for improved rural agricultural development is adequate access to knowledge and information in areas of new agricultural technologies, early warning systems (drought, pests, diseases etc), improved seedlings, fertilizer, credit, market prices etc.

Rural Development Programme (RUDEP) is therefore a department of JDPM, the goal is that small farmers in the Diocese (Oke-ogun, Ogbomoso and Oyo areas of Oyo state of Nigeria) have improved their living conditions and are more self-reliant by provinding them with necessary information and trainings.

The objectives of RUDEP are:

1. To ensure that good number of farmers apply 10 LEISA (Low External Input for Sustainable Agriculture) methods on their farms, which enables them to increase their yields by 40%.

2. To ensure that  farmers adopt improved storage techniques to reduce post-harvest losses.

3. Community Development Committes in  rural communities do their work for the benefits of their communities

4.  iTo ensure that infrastructure projects for the benefit of the communities were funded by government, implemented and operational

5. To ensure that young men  start their own agricbusiness and earn an income through it

6. 80% of the farmers organized in saving and credit groups benefit from small loans for farming activities


Measures to achieve the objectives:


1. Organizing Participatory Learning and Action (PLA) sessions on sustainable agricultural methods (Low External Approaches in the areas of soil and water management, prevention and control of plant diseases and pests, post harvest storage and processing)

2. Providing support and training on small livestock keeping and training of village paravets.

3. Strenghtening the farmers' organisations at group, zonal and ecclesistical province levels through exchnage visits and seeds exchange forum

4. Facilitating access to new markets through visits of farmers to institutions and business enterprises.

5. Producing information materials, such as radio programmes, bronchure and posters

6. Training of Community Development Committees in advocacy and lobby

7. Facilitating discussion with Local government on rural development

8. Accompanying the implementation of infrastructural investment

9. Providing training and technical supports to youths in the field of agriculture

10. Supporting the farmers' savings and credit groups through providing training in loan management and providing contact to government and non-governmental institutions.