Justice, Development & Peace Movement

Catholic Diocese Of Oyo


Building a society where justice, equity, human dignity and peace are held in high esteem

to enable people live a fulfilled life irrespective of religion, age, race and gender.





       Communal  culture

       Communal spirit/ togetherness

       Active citizenship / leadership

       Honors  and integrity


•        The supremacy of the worth of the human being in a non-violent equitable society.

•        Articulation of development issues through popular participatory approach.

•        Practical democracy, rule of law and social justice as the bedrock of sustainable development and peace in the society.

•        Eradication of corruptive attitude and corporate exploitation in the society.

•        Comparative strategies and unity of purpose of all NGOs to promote effectiveness and national progress.

•        Human development must be total and inclusive of all citizens irrespective of where they stay and what they do.