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 As an apostle of Child's Rights and dignity of person in the society, the JDPM Oyo came to the rescue of a helpless daughter of a woman who has been unproductive for a while in Ilora, Afijio local government area of Oyo State. The teen girl in her early adolescent was said to have been subjected to a series of hard labor for a long time because of her parent's negligence. She has been the sole breadwinner of the family for a while, she peeled cassava and fried gaari at the local factory, sometimes after the school hours and on weekends in order to get some money. Abosede has been so productive and in fact, striving hard to keep the fate of her vision to be an achiever for so long.


THE FACILITATED MATERIALSHer shocking state of financial problem and obvious penury came to our notice through the Child’s Rights facilitator and the members of staff in LA Primary School, Aro Ilora, who became more worried about the physical injuries the girl sustained while frying gaari one afternoon. Her navel mistakenly smashed with the hot plate and as such, she started suffering severe stomach upset and excruciating pains on her navel. As concerned mothers compassionately touched by her ordeal, they (the school management) quickly seek to find her parent to know why she has been facing such a harsh Child Abuse at a tender age. Hence, we were contacted to intervene in order to save the family from its impending danger and more importantly, the fate of the innocent child who has been physically and emotionally abused by parental negligence. Poised with serious indignation and galvanized with how dastardly a parent could be so daft to forgone their parental duties, we swung into action and during the findings, it was gathered that the mother of seven children, Mrs. Olusegun. has been unproductive for a long time while her husband was claimed to be a truck driver in Lagos State. He was said to have been helpful in terms of sending money to the family every month, even though it was not enough to offset the bulkiness of the family's bills. However, when she was contacted to know what she could do to feed the family afterward, she said that she would love to venture into itinerary trading and was advised to get closer to people who have been on the business for so long in order to get acquainted with the business tactics. On the 24th July 2018, the Politics and Human Rights Department (PHR) OF JDPM visited LA Primary School, Aro Ilora, Afijio LGA of Oyo State to empowered Mrs.Olusegun in order to assist her to commence her micro business.


While appreciating JDPM and the School Management for the laudable efforts in sustaining human dignity and Child's Rights, she maintained that no one took notice of her plight for so long and promised to utilize the facilitated materials in order to feed her family and continuously re-invest to make the business a productive one. In her own word, Child Rights facilitator in the school, Mrs. Ajayi. Urged the JDPM to keep the good work in order to continue educating the public on Child’s Rights. The lead facilitator of the team, Mr. Taiwo Dominic. assured the school and other observers of subsequent follow up on her business in order to monitor her progress.


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OYO EAST LGA SECRETARIATDemocracy thrives not by unilateral decision but by collective efforts, cooperation and acceptability of responsibilities by all stakeholders. It gains more strength when each party conceives the idea of oneness and unison in direction, goals and aspiration. Hence, this fits in to the historical visit of the Civil Coalition for Good Governance (CCGG) and Justice, Development And Peace Movement (JDPM) Oyo to the office of Oyo East Local government Chairman Kosobo and the Oyo South East Local Council Development Area (LCDA) Oke Apitipiti, Colonial Boulevard of the Oyo, on the 31st July, 2018. The advocacy visit seeks to provide a good opportunity for community dialogue on governance. In other words, it provides avenue for CCGG and JDPM of the Catholic Diocese of Oyo to critically appraise some issues that are pertinent to the general well-being of the people in the local government area for necessary attention.


In her introduction, CCGG facilitator for Afijio Local government, Mrs. Olabode exhumed the antecedent of JDPM which she said it came to an existence shortly after the Military era in order to address the issue of Justice and Peaceful coexistence in all the Catholic Dioceses in Nigeria. She maintained that the bruises of injustice during the previous government had created enough ordeals for the people and that was why such idea was conceived to avoid such trend in the future. In his welcome address, the Chairman, Oyo East Local Government, Hon Babatunde Abiodun , expressed his appreciation over the initiative put in place by the groups. He said that his council is opened to all kind of activities and program that aim to promote accountability and transparency in governance. He maintained that the council needed a strong working relationship with the CCGG towards tackling societal degradation, more importantly, the incessant civil disobedience among the youths in Oyo town, citing cases of certain quarters/ bases/areas where the youths engaged in street fighting and

nocturnal assault on the people and their homes as a result of youth exuberance . “majority of these young people have become a serious nuisance and threat to the public because of their indulgence in alcohols and related intoxication. We really need you here because government cannot do everything alone. We need to work together in order to curb these excesses before it skyrocket” he said.CHAIRMAN, OYO EAST LGA


Responding to the discussion, the Head of Department, Politics and Human Rights (PHR) Department, JDPM, Oyo, Mr. Taiwo Dominic, who oversee the principal coordination of CCGG in Oyo State asserts that, the Chairman and his cohort should be critical in analyzing issues that affects the general welfare of the people without party’s sentiment. He urged him to be united with his counterpart in other Local Government ( Oyo West, Atiba and Afijio) and LCDA’s. Mr. Taiwo added that the Chairman should desist from labeling the groups as a mere political beggars who lobby for gratification because CCGG and JDPM are never a political instrument either in their activities or mission. He urged him to embraced a vibrant interactive interface between the Council’s and the people in the constituency using the synergy of CCGG to elicits necessary feed back in order to know the level of progress the government is doing. The HNA, Oyo East Local Government, Comrade Ogundele reiterates the council’s commitment to working on a good terms with the CCGG and JDPM towards ensuring a peaceful society. He however, solicits the group’s assistance and cooperation on disputes resolution which has continued to cause a serious problem to our society especially on youth exuberance and broken homes.



CHAIRMAN, OYO SOUTH EAST LCDAIn another meeting, the group meets with the members of the Oyo South East Local Council Development Area (LCDA), Colonial Boulevard, Apitipiti Oyo Town where critical issues was discussed. They were received by the vice Chairman, Hon Kola Alabi, the Council Manager, Mrs. Adediran and the Director of Administration, Mr. Ayoola. While appreciating the group’s visit, the Chairman, Oyo South East Local Council Development Authority, Hon Taiwo Qasim , represented by the vice Chairman, Hon Kola Alabi, commended the group’s effort at ensuring peace and tranquility in the society. He urged CCGG to spread the tentacle to the youths, majority of whom have gone astray in recent time as a result of youth’s exuberance.” I must commend you for this wonderful initiative but wish you could do more by spreading the tentacles to the active youths. Majority of them have been misbehaving abnormally in recent time. It has become a worrisome issue that need to be addressed on time.” He said.


In his own word, the CCGG deputy facilitator in Oyo State, Chief Oluwole Adekunle , underscored the group’s past and present effort through JDPM partnership which has produced some good results, citing cases of a radio program that was facilitated by the group on Petals FM Ibadan which was run for fifteen weeks in order to galvanize people’s thought on governance for accountability. He maintained that the group also facilitated the completion of an abandoned building project in Olivet Baptist High School Oyo, intervened on an issue involving some secondary school students in Oyo who were protesting violently over their poor JSCE result which led to mass failure. According to him, ‘’ on countless occasion, many young people in the society have inculcated the habit of causing troubles on a simple mistakes whenever they are punished which is not right because any responsible human being, either young or old must respect discipline’’. He further stated that the group has also facilitated an interactive forum between the Ministry of Budget and Planning and the public to provide an insight on accountability, transparency as well as election monitoring and observance with the collaboration of JDPM. The CCGG facilitator for Oyo East Local government, Mr. Ajibola Olaniran said the group has successfully facilitated first public hearing on electricity by inviting IBEDC who oversee the activities of power supply in Oyo State in the South-West Nigeria through the assistance of a few Honorable members of the Oyo State House of Assembly such as Hon Gbenga Oyekola, Hon Muideen Alatede, with the principal actor being Hon Akeem Adeyemi, a Honorable at the House of Representative, leading to prompt invitation by the Ogun State House of Assembly to teach their crop of officers on how to organize such interface.


Responding to the discussion, the Oyo South East LCDA Council’s manager, Mrs. Adediran urged the groups to provide a feasible mechanism to address the youths who are drug addicted and obviously sadomasochists in the society. The Director of Administration, Mr Ayoola opined that CCGG and JDPM should intensify efforts on periodic sensitization of Landlords Associations, Nigeria Immigration Officers, National Drugs Enforcement Agency (NDLEA), religious institutions and other stakeholders on the negative impacts of broken homes, youth’s exuberance, sexual molestation, civil disobedience and lot more in order to curb the alarming rate of crime in Oyo and the whole Nigeria. “We have seen a lot in recent time where many landlords and landladies refused to cooperate with law enforcement agencies in terms of reporting cases of lawlessness in their houses and environment. As you all know our borders are porous, so, it makes it easy for illegal entry and whenever these people commits crime, the immigration officers usually find it hard to trace them out. What about those who have sexually molested the opposite sex, many landlords and even parents prefer to settle the matter amicably rather than reporting the crime to the police. It is bad and need to stop! They are all crime that should be exposed, I urged you to work on it as soon as possible” he said.