To build a society where justice, equity, human dignity and peace are held in high esteem to enable people live a fulfilled life irrespective of religion, age, race and gender.

QUOTE FROM THE MARBLE: The person who says it cannot be done should not interrupt the person doing it -Chinese proverb


JDPM promotes holistic human development and strategic actions against ills of the society towards the realization of a just and egalitarian community through animation, conscientization, awareness, training, advocacy, supports, mobilization and networking.

JDPM has departments that coordinate programmes, organize monitoring and facilitate evaluation at different levels. The organization network internally and externally and believes in consultation.

The organization has preference for holistic approach with emphasis on education, sensitization, awareness and mobilization for popular participation.

Our Values

-The supremacy of the worth of the human being in a non-violent equitable society.
-Articulation of development issues through popular participatory approach.
-Practical democracy, rule of law and social justice as the bedrock of sustainable development and peace in the society.
-Eradication of corruptible attitude and corporate exploitation in the society.
-Comparative strategies and unity of purpose of all NGOs to promote effectiveness and national progress.
-Human development must be total and inclusive of all citizens irrespective of where they stay and what they do.

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