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IAR&T Team of Scientists visit JDPM Office at Mabolaje Today 19th May,2015. The visit is a follow up on our plan on how to work with IAR&T on research on siam weed herbicide. The two parties agreed to work together on this reasech for the benefit of the resourced poor farmers. Rev. Fr. Gabriel Adeleke, JDPM Coordinator, thanked IAR&T team headed by Prof. Oluwatosin for his coopearation on the agreement.


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Street campaign on Vitamin A cassava

VITAMIN A CASSAVA STREET AWARENESS CAMPAIGN AT IGANNA, 9th OF MARCH, 2016 The Rural Development Programme (RUDEP) department of the Justice, Development and Peace Movement (JDPM), Catholic Diocese of Oyo in conjunction with Chief David Adegoke one of the prominent Vitamin A cassava farmers and processors in Iganna town, Iwajowa Local Government Area of Oyo State organized a street awareness campaign to sensitize the populace of Iganna town on the health benefits of consuming Vitamin A cassava products such as gari, fufu, chin-chin and other confectionaries derivable from Vitamin A cassava. The team entering the king of Iganna's palace. The campaign commenced with a trip to the palace of the king of Iganna, Oba Soliu Azeez Ilufemiloye (Sabiganna of Iganna land) to inform him of the intention of the campaign which is to sensitize the populace. This is followed by mass movement throughout the town starting from the market square and then to all the major streets in the town so as to introduce Vitamin A cassava and educate the school pupils firstly on the concept of Vitamin A cassava and then inform them of the processors in the town who is already processing the Cassava majorly into gari, this is to assure interested farmers of the probable market for the tubers. Chief Adegoke's processing centre, Iganna. The procesor was explaining processing methods to the participants The awareness campaign took the team to A.U.D. Primary School and Community Grammar School, Iganna before visiting the Iganna General Hospital to preach the gospel of Vitamin A cassava in the hospital to the staff and distribute posters, leaflets and stickers for all. Campaign team at A.U.D. Primary School, Iganna. The campaign train then headed back to Chief Adegoke’s processing centre for everyone in attendance to have a one on one chat with the Rural Development Programme and HarvestPlus team so that the populace can be enlightened about the importance of consuming Vitamin A cassava products and to be able to ask questions on the best agronomic practices of multiplying Vitamin A cassava and also processing of Vitamin A cassava into gari and other confectionaries. Campaign team at the central market The campaign was witnessed by Mr Joseph Ndama of HarvestPlus who also assured the farmers of good market for all the cassava products. Mr. Kolawole Awoyinka, RUDEP Programme Manager, encouraged the farmers to plant the new cassava more this year to meet up with the increasing demand. The campaign was successful due to the contributions of Mr Nathaniel Ajayi, Mr. Fakorede John, Mr. John Oladokun, Mrs Awowole Agnes and Mr. Adesola Oyekan of RUDEP department. Awoyinka Kolawole RUDEP Programme Manager